Loan Origination Software

Learn more about ApplyNow, a loan origination software built by a team with over 30 years of experience. Our application management expertise will take your organization to new heights!

ApplyNow was launched in 2018 with a specific focus on helping our partners simplify the process of managing business applications that create a significant positive impact for their customers. It is our belief that as a company we need to be invested not only in the outcomes of our customers, but also in our customers’ customers.


By developing a loan origination software that assists your customers in applying for the products and services you offer, in the most efficient and intuitive way possible, we help to ensure the success of your organization while establishing a trusting and rewarding partnership with us.


ApplyNow is a cloud-based application management system that provides tools to create, manage, award, and report on all types of applications ranging from loans, grants, scholarships, and bursaries to basically any type of funding you’re managing. Our simple and powerful process of managing applications will streamline your business and provide your clients with a pleasant and easy-to-use process. With over 30 years in the micro-lending industry, we have built ApplyNow with the needs of your lending agency in mind.


ApplyNow provides application management software to the following industries: education, small business, micro-lending agencies, CFDC’s, CFD’s and any organization that receives applications for financial consideration.


ApplyNow is a product created by CommonGoals Software.  Who is CommonGoals Software?

ApplyNow's Loan Origination Software Comparison

Compare the core features of ApplyNow to it’s competitors so you can make the most informed decision for your organization.