Loan Origination System Solutions

Create a frictionless experience for your applicants. A loan origination system for grants, scholarships, loans and other types of funding. An easy application and review process, streamlined administration, and a simple award process means less time and less cost.

Apply Now Application Management Industries and Solutions

ApplyNow is designed to support any type of application regardless of your industry.

The current set of features – in addition to ongoing improvements – enable lenders, NGOs, government, education, automotive, and various other industries to manage the application and awarding process from start to finish, and provide inherent benefit to all key stakeholders involved.

Industries that use the ApplyNow Loan Origination System:

Social Enterprise & NGOs

Lending Institutions

Educational Institutions

Governmental Institutions



Community Futures Development Corporations

Micro-Lending Institutions

and many more…

Learn how ApplyNow works for you!

Online management of your loan applications and applicants
  • Manage multiple Lending Products and unlimited applications
  • Incorporate Application Fees and Payments
  • Comprehensive Pipeline Management & Reporting

Manage loan applications

Collect grant applications and award grants
  • Manage multiple Grant Programs and unlimited applications
  • Manage Awards and Approvals for Grantees
  • Manage Multiple Funding Sources and Funder Allocations

Connect with grant applicants

Create online scholarship programs
  • Manage multiple Scholarship Programs and unlimited applications
  • Manage Awards and Approvals for Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Manage Multiple Funding Sources and Funder Allocations for Scholarship Awards

Award scholarships and manage applications

Provide and award small business grants and loans
  • Pull Credit Reports for FICO Score and Credit Worthiness
  • Manage all documentation requirements and application fees
  • Implement Custom Scoring Parameters For Auto-Decisioning

Support small business loan applicants

Manage educational grant and loan applications easily
  • Manage All Programs and Applications For Various Education And Vocational Institutions
  • Communicate With Applicants Via Chat Feature And workflow Automations
  • Manage Awards And Approvals For Educational Programs

Encourage education loans and grants

See How ApplyNow Stacks up to Competitors

Learn more about the core features of ApplyNow, Submittable, LenderFit, Spark, Survey Monkey Apply and Slideroom so you can make the most informed decision for your organization.