FAQs – ApplyNow Loan Application Software

What is loan origination software?


Many big-time lenders, such as banks & financial institutions, use their own internal software for funding to gather & store applications, review & store documentation (that’s required to apply for specific types of funding), pull & review applicants’ credit history, and have a pipeline of any other steps needed to complete the process for consideration and awarding.


But if you’re not a bank or institution that already has software that does this, and you need something that will fulfill that purpose, then what you need is called a “loan origination system” or, as we call it, “loan origination software”.


Our program is a fully customizable system that can reflect your brand, your products, and can be tailored to streamline the precise needs of your funding type and processes. In fact, its capabilities allow it to also be considered as a loan document management software. See the below list for examples of how our software gets used by our clients:

  • financial management software / financial application software
  • scholarship application management software
  • online credit application software
  • grant application software / grant application management software
  • lending application software
  • commercial loan application software / commercial loan origination software
  • micro loan software / micro loan management software
  • microfinance loan mangement software

As you can see, the possibilities are unlimited!

Is their a trial period to test ApplyNow?


We are in the process of developing a trial of ApplyNow that will be directly available on the ApplyNow website – coming soon.

How do we access ApplyNow?


ApplyNow is a web-based software which requires no installation or software downloads. Once you sign-up for ApplyNow, you will have your own specific URL where your team and clients can access the portal.

Can we build and deploy our own applications or do we need the assistance of the ApplyNow Team?


ApplyNow is an end-user portal and therefore you can create your own applications, configure and deploy with ease. There is no requirement for additional services unless you chose our implementation specialists to complete the setup for you.

Is our data secure on the ApplyNow Portal?


  • ApplyNow stores data at rest using AES-256, block-level storage encryption which is bank-level security
  • ApplyNow uses Transport Level Security (TLS) with SSL for all data requests and responses providing secure communications for data transferred in or out of ApplyNow
  • ApplyNow requires strong password protocols to protect against unauthorized access
  • Two Factor Authentication (TFA) will be deployed in ApplyNow by September 2021 for both team members and clients

Can I use existing application templates to create new program applications?


Yes, you can easily clone applications and all associated settings to create new program applications greatly expediting deployment.